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In today's digital age, email security is more important than ever before. Cyber threats like malware, phishing scams, and spam can cause serious damage to businesses of all sizes. Cloud Mail Spam Service is an essential add-on subscription service for businesses looking to improve their email security and ensure that their messages are clean before they reach their email servers.

With Cloud Mail Spam Service's advanced filtering and anti-virus protection, businesses can eliminate email threats and enjoy hassle-free email management. This powerful service streamlines the email experience, making it easier for businesses to stay one step ahead of email threats.

Cloud Mail Spam Service's add-on subscription makes it easy for businesses to manage their email security without the need for additional hardware or software. This service is designed to protect businesses from email threats by filtering out spam and other email threats before they even reach their email servers.

By trusting your email protection to Cloud Mail Spam Service, you can focus on what matters most - running your business. With Cloud Mail Spam Service, you can effortlessly manage email security and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your email is safe and secure.

Process of Mail Spam Services
Passing email 
Passing email
Good email
No software or hardware to install; cloud-based
Hosted spam filtering technology sets a standard for effectiveness and performance
Inbound filtering
Fully redundant system backed up
The advantages of using our outgoing email filtering service are:
  • Better accuracy of incoming spam filtering - We will track who you send email to so that when they reply they will be white listed.
  • Advanced Testing - CAS use advanced testing techniques to detect and block abuse of email sources.
  • Blacklist - CAS block Blacklist email address.
Package Prices
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Monthly Prices
>100 or above
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