Network Monitoring

We offer our customers the following 24 -hour network monitoring services

Early warning services

Internet has become ubiquitous, server and database matching made the flow of information within the company and to maintain the integrity of the data, so the network can be said to be the backbone of enterprises. Network in case of problems, all the company's staff will be affected, unable to work, and ultimately cause losses to the company. Thinking Technology provides network monitoring services such as firewall and network devices. We usually detected problems within half an hour in the abnormal situation. Monitor network uptime to ensure the stability and reliability of the system as a whole.

Server monitoring services

Server is included: Web servers, mail servers, file servers, are important assets of a company, Enterprise negligent management or not qualify person as the position, resulting in failure to start, causing serious damage. Server hard drive failure, resulting in a large number of important customer data loss or hard drive storage space, causing the system to become unstable, and will not be stored. Monitoring service can reduce the probability of risk, and to ensure the timely processing of the problem.

Email system monitoring service

Email system is the electronic selling and marketing promotion tools. If Email system expected shun down, it won’t be able to send or receive email. It’s also affected the corporate image of the company. Email system monitoring providing early warning service, detection of email operations. When a problem occurs on the e-mail system , the alert service respond in real time to inform the delegated person.

Website system monitoring services

Website disconnected, Web page cannot be display, directly impacts on the company. Web system monitoring service to understand and respond in real time and improve Enterprise Management Level.