Why need to use data erasure service ?

- 2024-01-11 -
Today, many company is using computer system. Data will be stored on hard disk or other storage device. When old device need to dispose, data still keep in the storage or disk. It will cause data breaches. If that kind of storage loss or disposed improperly, hackers may have a chance to restore the data. It is important that you securely erase and not simply delete sensitive files before dispose.

Secondly, several laws have been enacted in different industries in recent years, guiding organizations on data protection and erasure to ensure regulatory compliance.

Data erasure is not a new technology, but it’s becoming popular because of data protection, privacy, and information security risks. In the face of unprecedented data leakage scandals and cyber-attacks, including ransomware attacks, government agencies and organizations need to enforce updated protection strategies for sensitive data management.

Moreover, when doing business with some banks or government, they may request your company satisfied data erasure compliance, in order to protect sensitive data. If your company fulfill the compliance, it may more chance to get the business.