Why need to use IT maintenance service ?

- 2024-01-11 -
Nowadays, most of our work is related to computer. It is important to keep our computer working smoothly and keep the network secure. If your computer or server is having problem, daily operation will be affect. It may need to take a higher cost to recover your system to work normal. For more seriously, some important data may be lost. That may cause losing company image or losing your business.>

It is important to have an IT department to maintain and monitor your computer system. In worst case, IT department can help you recover your system within an acceptable time and acceptable data loss.

For company that does not have IT department, it is better to outsourcing their IT service to IT service provider. Our IT service will keep monitoring their server status, workstation status, network security and backup operation. We will also provide guideline and policy to teach your staff how to protect their computer and server system in order to reduce the risk of hacking and system fault.