What is different between SSD and HDD ? Should I change to use SSD ?

- 2024-01-11 -
The main different of SSD and HDD is the speed. HDD is mechanical disk, its speed is depend on the rotational speed of the disk. Normally its speed is between 90-190 MB/s (7200rpm disk). If it is notebook or low speed HDD (5400rpm disk), its speed may be around 50-90MB.

For SSD is flash memory, its speed is depended on connection interface. For SATA SSD, its speed is around 500MB/s. For PCIe 3.0 x4 / M.2 interface, its speed can be up to 3000MB/s. For some latest M.2 SSD, it claimed can be reached to 5000MB/s. So we can foresee that, the speed of SSD still not reach its limit, the speed of new SSD is keep growing. Currently, its speed is limited by the interface connected to motherboard.

For computer that using HDD, we will suggest to change to use SSD. Since for the computer using HDD, most of the bottleneck was found in the read/write speed of the HDD. It cause performance problem of the computer. After changing to SDD, it can greatly improve the performance of the computer.